Safety and Quality Control

Matrix Power Services, Inc. operates with full-time safety professionals, quality assurance, and control representatives. We have developed and deployed both teams on the field to offer safety and quality services to all our customers.

Matrix Power Services, Inc.

Safety Team

The members of the safety department are an integral team, influencing and continuously improving our behavioral-based safety program specifically designed to actively engage all levels of the organization, leading the way in a significantly high-risk industry, and striving for a total safety culture by balancing enforcement of established policies with the encouragement of proactive measures.

Quality Control Team

The quality control team is tasked to make sure all our products and services meet or exceed the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards and our companywide standards.

We do this by having an extensive certification program and by making sure qualified individuals are assigned to the correct jobs. Our quality control is managed by our on-site leaders and a full-time team dedicated only to quality control. We invest in this to meet our clients’ expectations and to maintain a safe work environment.

We Maintain the Following Stamps:

Matrix Power Services, Inc.